Video Team Documentation

Set Up & Configuration

On-Site configuration and set-up
Talk Room Hardware Set Up - Default Room Setup, what kit gets plugged in where. This also applies to a single talkroom at a mini-conf
Shipping Equipment - The equipment we ship to each DebConf
Hired Equipment - The equipment we hire locally for each DebConf

Imaging & Initial Deployment

How to 'build' and deploy our equipment... Typically this would not need to be done at a conference, unless something has broken and is being replaced.

?Sound Box - Mixing Desk and Microphones
?Vision Mixer PC - The PC running ?VoctoMix amongst other things in the talk room
Opsis Box - Presentation capture system consisting of an Opsis FPGA capture system and small 'PC'

Proposals / Work In Progress

Proposed New Hardware - One Front of House box purchased and built
Purchased Equipment Pre DebConf17 - Equipment bought before DC17