Non technical issues

how long does it take to make a subtitle?

It really depends on how well you understand and how fast you can type. The ballpark stimation is between 1 and 2 hours for every 10 minutes of finished subtitle for a fast typer

Does Only doing 30 min of work help? is it worth it? I dont have time to contribute a whole subtitle

Absolutely yes. Even only doing corretions to subtitles made by others is appreciated. Specially if you are native.

Is it possible to download the subtitle after is finished?

Yes. It can be downloaded independently to be used independently of the web at any stage during the creation. Its also possible to download all the intermediate states of the file

Technical issues

Importing my transcript to amara with one line per file loads everything on a single line

Use aegisub to create a .str from the txt. This way amara will import it correctly.

The other way is leaving a blank line between the lines of your transcript

Transforming this:

  this is my transcript
  without lines
  between them


  this is my transcript
  without lines
  between them