What is the Debconf Video Team?

The Debconf Video Team is responsible for providing AV services at Debconf and Mini-Confs. <<br>> The team streams and records talks from Debian's annual conference and several Mini-confs, using (and maintaining) packages needed for this... We eat our own dog food. Where possible we use Open Hardware as well as open software to achieve this goal, however practicalities mean that we use commercially available equipment (cameras, sound mixers etc)

Who are we?

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How to contact us

IRC: oftc #debconf-video
Mailing list: <debconf-video AT lists DOT debian DOT org> (List Archives)


Our documentation is generated from docs on Salsa and can be viewed at https://video.debconf.org/

UserDocuments <-- Look here for information on how to use
VideoTeamDocuments <-- How to setup and configure our systems
FunnyMoments Funny moments in (old) videos