In DebConf, we use some of the funds raised to cover some travel costs, accomodation and food to allow more Debianites to attend the event.

The bursaries do not cover any other costs, like coffee at the airport or ride-sharing during the stay. It's important that someone who applies for a bursary also realises that it may take some while to get paid back via a trusted organisation.

Bursaries are applied for during the registration process in the web interface, this web interface is backed by Wafer, a free software conference management system.

Team membership in bursaries team

3 types of users exists in Wafer:

Here is a table that lays out the permissions:


Regular Users

Bursary Referees

Bursary Admins

Request a bursary

Edit own request

Accept own bursary

Assign referees to a request

Score a request

Access bursary CSV Exports

Grant bursaries


walk through in wafer

How to claim back

If you're looking for information on how claim your bursary, see: for more information.

DebConf bursaries alias

To manage, ...