This page concerns anyone who has to interact with the DSA team. The recommended way to get something done by the DSA team is to open a new ticket on the request tracker installation used by the team (hosted on Learn more about the request tracker in general on this introductory page.

Checklist before opening a new ticket

Check that the issue is not already known

In order to avoid reporting the same issue several times, please check the list of open tickets and verify that it's not already reported.

Installation requests on chroots on porter machines

These can now be done without admin interaction. See for details.

Make sure that it concerns the DSA team

While the DSA team has full root rights on most machines of the project, it has a policy of not interfering with the work of other teams. Use your best judgment to see if something is the resort of DSA or of another team. If the members of a team can't fix a problem that concerns them, they are of course free to request the help of DSA. But do not shortcut the respective teams, please channel the requests through them.

In particular, do not contact the DSA team for:

Some valid requests that concern DSA are:

How to submit a ticket

Send your request by mail to and include "Debian RT" in the subject. It's also possible to submit tickets through the web interface but we prefer that people do not use that facility: tickets created by mail are associated to a dedicated user that is auto-created while tickets created on the web are associated to the unpersonal "debian" or "guest" accounts. The web interface only allows creation of tickets in the public queue, which may not always be desirable depending on what you're reporting.

In any case, if you submit a ticket through the web interface, make sure to fill the "requestor" field with your email.

Changes that require account changes and mail alias updates must be inline signed. RT can't handle pgp/mime signatures, so make sure you send inline signed messages.

Additionally, patches are very helpful. If you're requesting a bit of puppet controlled config is changed, a patch against the puppet git tree is useful. Other git trees can be found at the DSA repository listing