The DSA Team

There are two roles in the DSA (Debian System Administration) Team: Member and Trainee.


Interacting with the team

Members and Trainees

See the list of members on the Debian website.

Task description

Debian System Administrator team members handle the basic infrastructure of the project. They are responsible for tasks that include:


DSA team members are DPL delegates (as per Debian Constitution §8). The delegation text is linked from the Debian website.

Get involved

Hardware replacement plan

DSA has a hardware replacement plan covering approximately until 2016. As it contains quotes and numbers from vendors which they've asked not to be made public, this plan is not public. Tollef Fog Heen and Luca Filipozzi nevertheless gave a preview of the plan on debian-project.

More stuff

Some documentation

DSA specific software / tools / configuration files

DSA has a package repository with customized/specific software. The corresponding APT sources.list entries are:

deb buster main
deb-src buster main

Ideas of things to document

The DSA team doesn't have much documentation. It would be interesting to use this space to provide some more information. Here are some ideas of what could be interesting:

Ongoing Tasks


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