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 * ''[[LucasNussbaum]]'' is the current project leader  * ''[[NeilMcGovern]]'' is the current project leader

Debian Project Leader (DPL)


Interacting with the DPL

  • Email contact: <leader AT debian DOT org>

Interacting with the DPL helpers team

If you are a Debian project member interested in organization, communication, free software "politics" and the like, you can help the DPL with both day to day and long term activities. Just volunteer mailing <leader@debian.org> and then show up on the communication channels of the DPL helpers team:

Usual roles

Bits from the DPL

More stuff


One of DPL duties is taking care of Debian money, below you can find pointers to money-related resources.

  • Sprint Program - the most common and possibly useful way of putting into use Debian money

  • Sponsoring Guidelines - best practices / requirements to get sponsored with Debian money

  • Using Money - what you (as a DD) can ask sponsoring for

  • Reimbursement - how to get reimbursed for Debian-related expenses (in case you're entitled to)


  • DD certificate: you might ask the DPL for a Debian Developer certificate (please don't ask for it just for vanity though, as it's take anyhow some time to verify and send it out; if you need it for job or similar reasons however, you're more than welcome!)

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