Debian Trusted Organizations (TO) are organizations that hold and manage assets on behalf of the Debian project. The list of TOs is maintained by the Debian Project Leader (following Debian Constitution 5.1.11 and 9).

In order to be accepted as a TO, an organization should provide some features, and satisfy some criteria. The list below should not be understood as required features, but rather as a set of desirable features. A prospective TO is expected to describe how it compares to this set of desirable features.

A number of organizations have satisfied the criteria and have been approved as TOs.

1. The organization should share Debian's general visions

The organization's bylaws, activities and political stance should not conflict with the Debian Social Contract.

2. The organization should remain loyal to Debian

The organization should be considered fully trustworthy, or provide guarantees that Debian's assets will be managed according to the Debian Project's decisions.

Some examples of possible implementations:

3. The organization should provide accountability on assets held in trust

Some examples of possible implementations:

4. The organization should be reliable, sustainable, and reactive

Some examples of possible implementations:

5. The organization should provide a reasonable financial framework

For example, it is desirable that:

Some properties are often mutually exclusive (e.g.; tax-deductible for the donor and no major restrictions). This is fine -- the goal here is to understand beforehand what will be possible for a specific TO.

6. Additional opportunities

Some organizations might offer additional services to their affiliated organizations, such as legal counsel.

Some organizations have might plans that result in possible income for Debian, such are giving to Debian some of the result of the sale of merchandising.

7. Parameters

Most organizations would be able to provide very specific answers to each of these questions. We would like to capture these in the table for quick reference.