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     e.g. `d-d-a` for meetings of general development interest      e.g. [[http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/|d-d-a]] for meetings of general development interest

Debian Meeting Sponsoring Guidelines

How to have a Debian meeting without turning into a secret cabal

Sponsoring various kinds of Debian meetings (conferences, sprints, BSPs, etc.) is a good way to spend, actually invest, Debian money.

Nonetheless, Debian is a community of volunteers and we cannot rely on the fact that people will be able to attend meetings as they were "work" meetings. That is why organizers have to carefully balance the high efficiency that meetings offer (higher communication bandwidth than remote work, more focused people, more enthusiasm, more fun, etc.) with the risk of cutting out the rest of the community which cannot attend the meeting, for whatever reason.

Debian is very happy to sponsor developer meetings, but requests that the following sponsoring guidelines are respected, in order to minimize the risks outlined above.

The Guidelines

  • before the meeting

    • announce the meeting to the most relevant public list / forum
    • ideally, include a tentative agenda of the meeting in the announcement
      • this will enable people interested in the meeting topics to provide their inputs and more generally to know what is going on
  • during the meeting / meeting preparation

    • minimize expenses
      • it is a way to show respect for all people that generously donate to Debian
    • keep track of what's happening, in preparation of the overall meeting report
    • consider giving periodic updates on how the meeting is going
      • e.g. blog about what's happening day-by-day
    • think about remote participation
      • e.g. stay on a specific IRC channel and announce it
  • after the meeting

    • post meeting minutes / report to the most relevant public list / forum
      • e.g. d-d-a for meetings of general development interest