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 * '''E. all cloud-related images have to be built on Debian infrastructure''' (for instance Salsa, Casulana, Patterson machines). This is to avoid risks that some cloud providers might injects their code.  * '''E. all cloud-related images have to be built on Debian infrastructure maintained by the Debian system administration team''' (for instance [[Salsa]] or casulana.d.o/petterson.d.o machines).

This page is an attempt at document requirements for official Debian images (CD/DVD, Live CD/DVD, Cloud, etc.). It is work in progress, and not final. But the current listing outlines recommendations for people willing to provide such images with Debian's blessing.

  • A. the image includes only software available in Debian

  • B. the image generation process is controlled solely by Debian

  • C. the image generation tools are maintained inside Debian and/or by a Debian team, using usual Debian recommended practices

    • Ideally, this means that the generation tools are provided as Debian packages inside Debian, and maintained by a team following the usual Debian practices (e.g. using salsa).
  • D. the images most provide a user experience (in terms of default choice of packages, or of default configuration) identical to other means of installing Debian. Differences must be documented and justified.

  • E. all cloud-related images have to be built on Debian infrastructure maintained by the Debian system administration team (for instance Salsa or casulana.d.o/petterson.d.o machines).