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 * Discuss recent activities with the former DPL
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 * Update the Debian New Member Process site with the name of the new DPL ([[https://salsa.debian.org/nm-team/nm.debian.org/-/blob/master/person/templates/person/certificate.html|person/templates/person/certificate.html]]).
 * Update the Debian History documentation with the name of the new DPL ([[https://salsa.debian.org/publicity-team/debian-history/-/blob/master/project-history.en.dbk|project-history.en.dbk]]).
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 * Ask the [[ircs://irc.oftc.net/debian-irc|#debian-irc]] channel on [[https://www.oftc.net/|OFTC]] to update the access list for the [[ircs://irc.oftc.net/debian-dpl|#debian-dpl]] channel on [[https://www.oftc.net/|OFTC]].

This page describes the handover process from an outgoing DPL to a new one once the winner of the election has been published by the Debian secretary.

Action Items