Asking for Debian Money

Donors and companies who care about Debian donate money, as well as other resources, to the Debian project hoping that they will be used to pursue Debian goals. One (common) way to use Debian money is to maintain our infrastructure up and running, buying and replacing machines and other hardware as soon as they are needed.

Individual developers can ask for Debian money if they think they can be put into good use to pursue Debian goals.

Suitable Money Requests

Money usage will be in any case authorized, on a case by case basis, by the DPL.

Generally, suitable money requests belong to the following categories:

Paying individuals for doing Debian-related work is generally not considered a suitable way of using Debian money, as we are a volunteer project.


If you use Debian money, thou shalt be transparent and communicative about that.

That is the mantra, more details are discussed in the sponsoring guidelines.


To ask for Debian money, see reimbursement guidelines

Generally, you should be a Debian project member (i.e. a DebianDeveloper) to ask for Debian money.

If you have comments on the above general guidelines, you're more than welcome to share it at <leader AT debian DOT org>. Suggestions on other suitable money usages that DDs can ask for are particularly welcome.