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 * '''Public IRC channel''': ''#debian-cloud'' on irc.debian.org (OFTC)  * '''Public IRC channel''': ''[[irc://irc.debian.org/debian-cloud|#debian-cloud]]'' on [[https://www.debian.org/support#irc|irc.debian.org]] (OFTC)

Debian Cloud Team


Interacting with the team

Debian Cloud Delegates

Following email from the DPL dated 2018-10-12 below DDs has been delegated as a Debian Cloud Team custodians:

  • Luca Filipozzi (lfilipoz)
  • Steve ?McIntyre (93sam)

  • Tomasz Rybak (serpent)

Task Description & Delegate Criteria are described in the detail in former mentioned DPL email.


Usual roles

Task description

Support Debian usage in the "cloud".

In particular, the team maintains Debian images and other resources for public, private and hyrbid clouds.

Get involved

  • {*} Test our images and report your impressions.

  • {*}{*} Maintain software necessary to create or run cloud images.

  • {*}{*}{*} Support Debian images on a platform where we are not yet present