Debian Cloud Team Rules

This page documents the rules that the cloud team has adopted.

Official Image Builds

The cloud team is delegated to create official Debian images for cloud providers. They are hosted at .

  1. The team follows the guidelines at Teams/DPL/OfficialImages.

  2. The official images are built by the debian-cloud-images tool, at

Team Administration

The cloud team uses two salsa groups:

  1. cloud-team: this group is open to any salsa user that wants to collaborate on our projects.
  2. cloud-admin-team: this group is restricted to members that need to make image releases, and delegates. Members must enable MFA.
    • cloud-admin-team is restricted because membership provides indirect access to run code on core machines.
  3. Delegates may be employed by cloud providers or their contractors, but no more than one employee/contractor per provider may be delegated at one time.

Package Maintenance

  1. The cloud team will collaborate with the kernel package maintainers on the cloud kernel.
  2. Team members may maintain packages under the cloud team, but there is no expectation that all cloud related software is owned by the team.