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## page was renamed from CinnamonTeam
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 * cinnamon 4.0.x is currently being prepared in the experimental branchs of our git repositories.  * cinnamon 4.2.x is uploaded to unstable and needs testing and bug fixes.
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== Buildd Status ==

[[https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=cinnamon-desktop%2Ccinnamon-desktop-environment%2Ccinnamon-menus%2Ccinnamon-session%2Ccinnamon-translations%2Ccjs%2Ccinnamon-screensaver%2Ccinnamon-settings-daemon%2Ciso-flags-svg%2Cmuffin%2Cnemo%2Ccinnamon%2Ccinnamon-control-center%2Cnemo-fileroller%2Cnemo-python%2Cpython-xapp%2Cxapp&suite=sid&compact=compact|Buildd status for sid]]

Debian Cinnamon Team


Task description

The goal of the team is to provide high quality packages of the Cinnamon desktop environment for Debian.

Get involved

  • cinnamon 4.2.x is uploaded to unstable and needs testing and bug fixes.

Team TODO list

  • One of the upstream repositories (nemo-extensions) include 12 different projects that are currently not packaged.
  • It would be better if we could work together with the gnome team, and reduce some of the duplicated efforts (cinnamon-screensaver vs gnome-screensaver, cjs vs gjs, etc).
  • Reduce duplicated efforts with the linuxmint developers (push patches upstream, and try to keep best practices synced)

Buildd Status

Buildd status for sid

CI Status

cinnamon-desktop: pipeline status

cinnamon-desktop-environment: pipeline status

cinnamon-menus: pipeline status

cinnamon-translations: pipeline status

cjs: pipeline status

cinnamon-screensaver: pipeline status

iso-flags-svg: pipeline status

python-xapp: pipeline status

xapp: pipeline status

cinnamon-session: pipeline status

cinnamon-settings-daemon: pipeline status

muffin: pipeline status

nemo: pipeline status

cinnamon: pipeline status

nemo-fileroller: pipeline status

nemo-python: pipeline status

cinnamon-control-center: pipeline status