Bash Completion Team

Proposal: ''Drop Bash 2 Support''

Git branch bash-completion-2 is targetted at bash >= 3.2.25. Bash 3.2.25 happens to be the minimal bash version on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and derivatives. Debian-5.0.3 has 3.2.39.


Bash 2.x is already quite old.

There are no team members actively testing with bash < 3.2.25.

Moving to support bash >= 3.2.25 only would enable taking full advantage of features introduced in it.

The majority of users is using bash >= 3.2.25, and bash < 3.2.25 users can rely on bash_completion-1. The bugs/improvements to be done for bash >= 3.2.25 weigh heavier then putting energy in keeping bash_completion-2 work on bash 3.0 - 3.2.24.


New interesting things in bash 3.0:

New interesting things in bash 3.1: