This page keeps track of repositories broken or half-broken by the SHA1 removal. Please note that we intend to shut off SHA1 completely on January 1, 2017.

Feel free to add other affected repositories here.

Broken repositories

The issue errors like "No hash entry found ... which is strong enough for security purposes" and cause a failure.

The cause of this is a missing SHA256 or SHA512 entry in the Release and/or Packages files.

Fixing broken repositories

Repository owners should make sure their release files and Packages files contain SHA256 or SHA512 fields. If they have Sources files, those should contain Checksums-Sha256.

If the repository is also affected by the other error below, that should also be fixed.

Half-broken repositories

These issue warnings about insufficiently signed repositories (1.2.7) or weak signatures (1.2.8) or return errors (1.4~beta1)

It means the OpenPGP signature on the Release file was made with SHA1 as the hash (= digest) algorithm.

Fixing half-broken repositories

The repository owner needs to pass --digest-algo SHA512 or --digest-algo SHA256 (or another SHA2 algorithm) to gpg when signing the file. Repositories with DSA keys need to be migrated to RSA first.

Migrating from DSA to RSA is best done by signing the repository with two keys (old and new one) and shipping the new one to the users.

Some months after those changes, it is OK to drop the old key from the repository and the users machines (if shipped with a package).

Compliant repositories

The following 3rd party repositories are compliant.