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== TODO ==

 * Switch to a '''sane [wiki:/SVN#head-f8c6bab766e9b62973cb2b635953d16fbf8507fd SVN] repository layout'''?

Debian Apache Maintainers


Interacting with the team

  • Read the FAQ first: [wiki:/FAQ FAQ]

  • Read how to work with our SVN repository: [wiki:/SVN SVN Howto]

  • Email contact: ?MailTo(debian-apache@lists.debian.org)

  • Public IRC channel: #debian-apache on irc.debian.org (OFTC)

Usual roles

Project Admins

Project Developers

Get involved

  • ?Icon(star_on.png)?Icon(star_off.png)?Icon(star_off.png) Report detailed bugs against apache-related packages :)

  • ?Icon(star_on.png)?Icon(star_on.png)?Icon(star_off.png) [http://bugs.debian.org/470795 Help us] in maintainance or other tasks.

  • ?Icon(star_on.png)?Icon(star_on.png)?Icon(star_on.png) Provide patches for open bugs (if you don't have SVN access, please file your patch in [http://bugs.debian.org Debian BTS], or send us a [mailto:debian-apache@lists.debian.org mail] with the output of svn diff.


  • Switch to a sane [wiki:/SVN#head-f8c6bab766e9b62973cb2b635953d16fbf8507fd SVN] repository layout?

More stuff