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This page briefly describes how to use the SVN repository of the Pkg-Apache Team.

Repository structure

At first, when you checkout the repository, its structure might seem a bit non-standard. Well, you're right. It is. That's why this page exists.

Our SVN repository structure is a bit weird. Usually it is something like:

|-- branches/
|-- tags/
`-- trunk/

We, instead, have (for some -- historical? -- reason):

|-- branches/
|   |-- package1/
|   `-- package2/
|-- tags/
|   |-- package1/
|   `-- package2/
`-- trunk/
    |-- package1/
    `-- package2/

Building the packages

apache2, apr, apr-util

To build a package, please do the following:

  1. get the upstream source tarball from somewhere (apt-get source, uscan, ...)

  2. untar it and cd into it:

    $ tar -xvzf apache2_2.2.8.orig.tar.gz
    $ cd httpd-2.2.8/
  3. checkout the directory in the repository calling it debian:

    $ svn co svn+ssh:// debian
  4. use dpkg-buildpackage to make the package, using the -I option (which removes any SVN-related directories from the tarball):

    $ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc -I

Well, that's it! :)


The whole tarball is in svn (it's a native package).


You don't want to touch that. It's different.

Commit mails

You can subscribe to the svn commit mails here: