Debian Team Activity Metrics API

This page describes the resources available over the Teammetrics API. All data is accessed from the base URL http://<SERVER>/api/v<VERSION>/ and is available as the JSON data. Current supported version of the API is version one.

/!\ The API is under development and is not yet stable. Things may break or change.

Sample API base URL :


A specific terminology is used to describe the API. The terminology is described here.

  1. TEAM : A team constitutes a group of people (>0) contributing to the Debian project. (The data pertaining to the team is assumed to be in the Teammetrics database. If not, an appropriate error message is sent with the JSON)

  2. METRIC : Metric is a measure any particular TEAM activity. The currently metrics available are described below.

    • Liststats : The numbers of mails exchanged on the public mailing list of a TEAM.

    • Commits : The number of commits by members of a team to the project repository.

    • Commitlines : The number of lines changed(added/removed) from the project repository.

    • Bugs : The number of bugs closed by the members of the TEAM.

    • Uploads : The upload statistics of the project.

API Variables

Various variables can be passed to the API calls to modify the return data. All the variables are optional and defaults to a specific value. They are described below.

  1. datascale : The datascale can be set to either monthly or annual. The values describes the granularity of the available data with respect to time. For example, if the datascale is set to monthly, the monthly data of all the available years is returned. Default value is monthly.

  2. startyear : The data is returned from the start of the year as specified by the startyear variable. Default value is the Unix Epoch year.

  3. startmonth : The data is returned from the start of the month as specified by the startmonth variable. This value is ignored if startyear variable is not set.

  4. endyear : The data is returned till the year specified by endyear. Default value is the current year.

  5. endmonth : The data is returned till the month specified by endmonth. This values is ignored if the endyear variable is not set.

API Endpoints

The available API endpoints are described below. All the API calls require a GET request sent to the server. The API variable described above is sent as GET variables along with the request.

  1. Team Data

Returns all the available data of all the METRICS of the given TEAM.

 Request Format : GET /<TEAM>/ 

 Sample Request : GET http://<SERVER>/api/v1/teammetrics/

  1. Metric Data

Returns all the particular data of the given METRIC of the given TEAM.

 Request Format : GET /<TEAM>/<METRIC>/ 

 Sample Request : GET http://<SERVER>/api/v1/teammetrics/liststats/