Debian Bug Squashing Party in Dijon, France


    The grass is growing,
    Still no sight of dear Lenny:
    Bug Squashing Parties.

NOTICE: as no one signed up the BSP is CANCELLED!

After a first shot in October 2006, another in September 2007, yet another Bug Squashing Party is going to happen at the autonomous space "Les Tanneries" between the 26th and 27th of April 2008!

NOTICE: as no one signed up the BSP is CANCELLED!


(more details and explanations follow)


The Bug Squashing Party which happened in October 2006 and the sequel in September 2007 were great success. To make this new BSP up to that, please read the rest of this page if you plan to come. It briefly presents the place, describes how it works and gives some information about the party.

What is "Les Tanneries"?

"Les Tanneries" is a squatted autonomous space, opened in 1998. However, it is neither an alternative hostel, nor a place that is always open to everyone. It provides a home and living-space for a bunch of people who decided to live together and to build this project. It is political, volunteer-based, and goes together with a search for equality in human interactions and daily life.

The autonomous space "Les Tanneries" is also a place where various social & political activities are organized: a free shop, an alternative library, and the pRiNT hacklab are available during public openings; collectives have meetings; bands do rehearsals; people spend time gardening; and other activities -- gigs, debates, performances -- are regularly organized on evenings.

The Tanneries project is also about developing anti-authoritarian practice and self-organization: decisions are taken by consensus among people involved, without the need for any sort of authority. Years of collective living, discussions and activities have allowed people to elaborate a few rules for "living together", and we ask our guests to respect them. We also expect everyone to be responsible & respectful, and leave any sexist, {homo,lesbo}phobic or racist behaviours behind, since there is even less room for such discrimination here than elsewhere.


The Bug Squashing Party will happen in the pRiNT hacklab, which is located in the basement. We have chairs, tables, electrical plugs and network connectivity. Internet access is given by an ADSL line with 5 Mb download / 1 Mb upload capacity.

Please bring a RJ-45 network cable with your laptop if you can. There should be enough computers(1GHZ) available for people who need them, though.

By the way, the place is full with old hardware, donated or discarded over the years. You might find what you need to repair your old box if you need to...

About hosting facilities

We have a shared sleeping space with twenty beds, which should be enough for the BSP. Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow if you can.

The Bug Squashing Party is not really limited to the weekend and it's possible to stay a few days before the 19th if you want.

There's one shower and two toilets inside the house.

Moreover, we pay bills for water, electricity, gas, Internet access, insurance. A contribution of 2 euros (or more) each day is really welcome.

Involvement vs. consuming

We expect our visitors not to act like consumers, but to get involved in the collective life of the place. Self-organization implies that everyone behaves in a responsible and respectful way. This means participating in cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc.

A rota will be drawn up at the beginning of the event so we can share the load.


The Tanneries' inhabitants are vegetarians or vegans because of an ethical choice against animal suffering. We therefore do not want to have any meat (or fish) inside the house, and cooking must be vegan.

We have plans to get some food (mostly vegetables) for free. The rest of what we need can be bought in one of the supermarkets near the house.

Cooking for 20 people is not that hard, but requires a bit of practice. Knowledge exchange sessions on vegetable hacking and meal compilation will make a nice break from bug squashing.


By train: Dijon-Ville TGV station, take the Maréchal Foch Avenue towards Darcy Plaza. Then, bus #5 towards Campus, from the right-hand side of the road. Get off at Prison and wait for bus #10 towards Cimetière. Get off at either Champeaux or Coty (depending where the bus terminates).

By car:

Final note

This rough presentation does not really reflect how much we enjoy welcoming, meeting people and having a good time within our walls. By stating these few principles in advance, we hope to use our real-life meetings for more exciting discussions.

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