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 * 日期:2008 年 10 月 2? 日(星期日) - Date: will be on Oct 2?-th (Sun)  * 日期:2008 年 10 月 26 日(星期日) - Date: will be on Oct 26-th (Sun)
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 * Update chewing packages.
 * Porting lxde to MIPS laptop.
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|| Andrew Lee || AndrewLee || [[MailTo( andrew AT SPAMFREE linux DOT org DOT tw)]] || ||
|| FredChien || Fred || [[MailTo( fred AT SPAMFREE lxde DOT org)]] || 最近在研究 ACPI 和 Clutter Toolkits ||

台灣 Debian 聚會 - Taiwan Debian Meeting

This is the portal for the Debian user meetings in Taiwan.

Nowadays, there are quite some Linux distributions which are based on Debian GNU/Linux. Therefor we invite users, developers and newbies of any Debian based distribution and those who are interested in free / open source software in general to come together, share their knowledge and experience and have a good time.

焦點 - Focuses

  • 幫助使用者學習使用 Debian - Help users learning Debian
  • 幫助使用者改善 Debian - Help users improving Debian
  • 增加台灣 Debian 開發者數量 - Increasing the amount of Debian Developers in Taiwan
  • 建立本地與國際的開發者與使用者間社交網路 - A social network for both local and international developers and users.
  • 交換 GPG key - GPG key signing party
  • 歡迎任何關於自由軟體的討論 - Welcome to discuss free software.

會議歷史 - History

  • [:TaiwanDebianMeeting/20080510:2008-05-10]
  • [:TaiwanDebianMeeting/20080607:2008-06-07]
  • [:TaiwanDebianMeeting/20080726:2008-07-26]
  • [:TaiwanDebianMeeting/20080920:2008-09-20]

時間地點 - Time and Location

第五次聚會預計於:The 5th meeting will be on

# 備註:場地由生態綠贊助,請各位保持場地清潔。有免費無線網路,請別忘記帶心愛的筆電出門。

形式 - Form

The meeting is an ad-hoc [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference unconference] born from the desire for people to share and learn. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.

此聚會是針對想要學習、分享的人所設置的[http://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=非会议&variant=zh-hant 非會議]。活動主要基於討論、展示與參與者間的互動。 歡迎並邀請任何想參觀、分享、學習事務的人參加!

概念 - Ideas


Open session, please register for the others who can join and discuss.

參加者 - Participants

請試著備註欄位描述自己使用 Debian 系統的經驗與背景,或是想要得到解答的問題,以便活動當天可以更快找到互相分享心得的夥伴。

Please try to introduce your experience and background on Debian system, or what problem you wish to have answer, then we can easiler to share experience each other during the meeting.

名字 Name

暱稱 Nick


備註 Note

Ying-Chun Liu


?MailTo( grandpaul AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)

Andrew Lee


?MailTo( andrew AT SPAMFREE linux DOT org DOT tw)



?MailTo( fred AT SPAMFREE lxde DOT org)

最近在研究 ACPI 和 Clutter Toolkits