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第一次聚會預計於 5月10日(星期六) 於 (to be done) 舉行 第一次聚會預計於:
 *日期:5月10日(星期六) - Date: The first meeting will be on May 10th (Saturday)
 *時間:下午 13:30 - Time: afternoon 13:30
 *地點:[http://www.okogreen.com.tw/content/aboutokogreen.php 生態綠] (台北市杭州南路一段14巷16號1樓)舉行 - Place: [http://www.okogreen.com.tw/content/aboutokogreen.php ökogreen] (No. 16 lane 14 session 1 Hangzhou South Rd. Taipei city).
 *靠近的捷運:善導寺站五號出口 - Nearest MRT: Shandao Temple Station Exit 5
 *電話 - Phone: +886 2 2322 2225(ökogreen)
 *[http://www.urmap.com/?link=QuXgV3e6Xyr2AQr2AHr2is0Yu%2BIYrQvTiRrYXb02r%2BIgVs02rR0gZ4vTuRI2BHTSesIXzjI2uuf3HjhSSypncYHFbAy9DLp69SrXwdISomI2Utfgus1zQUfNopeFBPp3FSm9Kkfn8WXgV3e6Xy02BbrYCQIYub0YVHI2i3I2u302S4v2B2I2A%2Br2obrgiQ0gZ4vTuRI2 地圖連結 - Map link]
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The first meeting will be on May 10th (Saturday).  *備註:場地費用由生態綠贊助,報名人數限制 25 人,每人點一杯咖啡或一瓶手工釀啤酒約 NT$100(咖啡可依喜好決定多給或少給)

台灣 Debian 聚會 - Taiwan Debian Meeting

This is a Homepage of Debian Meeting in Taiwan.

目的 - Idea

  • 幫助使用者學習使用 Debian - Help users learning Debian
  • 幫助使用者改進 Debian - Help users contributing to Debian
  • 增加台灣 Debian 開發者數量 - Increasing the amount of DD in Taiwan
  • 交換 GPG key - GPG key signing party
  • 歡迎任何關於自由軟體的討論 - Welcome to discuss free software.

時間地點 - Time and Location


議程 - Agenda

Junichi Uekawa

"Debian Community and the Packaging System"

  • Debian Project
  • Debian Packaging system (dpkg)
  • Policy and BTS and other QA systems.

Junichi Uekawa

"Developing A Community of Debian Developers"

  • Tokyo area Debian Meeting, and Kansai Area Debian Meeting visions and actions
  • How Debian Developers / Debian Maintainers are made

參加者 - Participants

  • AndrewLee Email: ?MailTo(andrew AT SPAMFREE linux DOT org DOT tw)

  • PaulLiu Email: ?MailTo(grandpaul AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)

  • caleb Email: ?MailTo(caleb AT SPAMFREE calno DOT com)

  • FourDollars Email: ?MailTo(fourdollars AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)