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= How to Store and share password in the web way =


== The need ==

Inside an environnement with thousand users and services, it can be complicated to apply a strong security password policy. So the goal is to have secure password in a virtual safe, ideally on the web.

== The tool ==

There's many tools to do that, but one is easy to use en very useful, teampass.

== PreRequisites ==

Teampass is a LAMP software, so you need :

 * Mysql Server.
 * Php, but we choose to use it with fpm deamon.
 * A web server, we have chosen nginx.
 * Of course Debian, we have chosen Squeeze.

== Prerequisites Installation ==

=== Mysql ===

That one is quite simple :


apt-get install mysql-server-5.1


=== Php-FPM ===

Package php5-fpm doesn't exist on squeeze. So you two options :

 * Use the sid repository
 * Use dotdeb's source

=== Nginx ===

Once again, you have two options :

 * Use the debian packages (The squeeze package is a bit old so we have chosen to compile from source)
 * Compile from sources

== Teampass Installation ==

=== Mysql preparation ===

First, you have to create your database and the user that have the rights on it.


mysql -u root -p
>create database mydb default charset uft8;


Now create the user :


> create user myuser identified by 'password';


Finally, granting the access to the database


> grant all privileges on mydb.* to myuser;
> flush privileges;