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 * [[PkgNagios|Nagios]] - a robust and scalable host/service/network monitoring system  * --([[PkgNagios|Nagios]])-- - a robust and scalable host/service/network monitoring system (currently unmaintained in Debian)

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Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome to Debian system monitoring

  • Portal/IDB/icon-monitor-32x32.png This portal gives a list of resources for monitoring hardwares and softwares.

Logging and activity indicators

  • bootchart - Graphic generator detailing the boot sequence of the system.

  • bootlogd - Recording boot messages

  • auth.log - Authentification logs

Monitoring Network Connections

  • netstat - Monitor active connections on your system

  • iftop - Observe the flows on your network interfaces

  • tcpdump - Capture communications transmitted over your network interfaces

Monitoring disk I / O

  • iotop - Observe the disk I / O

Monitoring the system load

  • htop - Alternative to the traditional top. Shows the resource demands and processes

  • saidar - Watch the burden simply and concisely (with network and disks)

  • atop - Similar to saidar in the available information (also generates stats for long periods if run in the background via /etc/init.d/atop)

Watching a set of systems

These tools are typically used to monitor the overall functioning of a network computer fleet. In addition to your Debian servers , these tools can control most of the time heterogeneous systems. They are sometimes provided with plugins to monitor a particular feature of the system .

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