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Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome on Debian system administration

Portal/IDB/icon-system-32x32.png This portal talks about system administration. Articles may use technical language. System administration is the topic of how one maintains and implements systems (like PCs running an operating system like Debian). In the case of Debian, there are numerous intricacies of each subsystem. It is hoped that this page will be a good reference. - Debian reference post-installation user's guide

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Portal/IDB/icon-floppy-32x32.png Boot process
Portal/IDB/icon-configure-32x32.png Configuring systems
Portal/IDB/icon-drive-cdrom-32x32.png Installation
Portal/IDB/icon-kernel-32x32.png Kernel
Portal/IDB/icon-device-32x32.png Local resources

Portal/IDB/icon-monitor-32x32.png Monitoring
Portal/IDB/icon-apt-32x32.png Package management
Portal/IDB/icon-printer-32x32.png Printing system
Portal/IDB/icon-process-32x32.png Process management
Portal/IDB/icon-backup-32x32.png Rescue

Portal/IDB/icon-security-32x32.png Security
Portal/IDB/icon-emulator-32x32.png Virtualization
Portal/IDB/icon-display-32x32.png ?X system

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