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== See also ==

External, unofficial websites about Debian System Administration:

 * https://debian-administration.org/ - (Now archived) articles about various Debian administration tasks
 * https://www.debianhelp.co.uk/ - simple/easy help, tips, tricks and articles about Debian administration
 * https://www.debianadmin.com/ - Debian/Ubuntu Linux System Administration Tutorials,Howtos,Tips


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Portal/IDB/icon-system-32x32.png This page lists articles which cover all aspects of administering Debian GNU/Linux systems, including installation, package management, configuration, monitoring and security.

Quick access


Portal/IDB/icon-backup-32x32.png Backup And Recovery
Portal/IDB/icon-floppy-32x32.png Boot process
Portal/IDB/icon-configure-32x32.png Configuring systems
Portal/IDB/icon-drive-cdrom-32x32.png Installation
Portal/IDB/icon-kernel-32x32.png Kernel

Portal/IDB/icon-device-32x32.png Local resources
Portal/IDB/icon-monitor-32x32.png Monitoring
Portal/IDB/icon-apt-32x32.png Package management
Portal/IDB/icon-printer-32x32.png Printing
Portal/IDB/icon-process-32x32.png Process management

Portal/IDB/icon-backup-32x32.png Rescue
Portal/IDB/icon-security-32x32.png Security, Reliability, and User Management
Portal/IDB/icon-emulator-32x32.png Virtualization
Portal/IDB/icon-display-32x32.png X system

See also

External, unofficial websites about Debian System Administration:

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