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Synaptic is a Gtk+ based Frontend to the Debian package manager. It provides the same functionality as the aptitude utility plus more, and is targeted at ease of use.


Synaptic is installed by default in Debian if you choose the desktop task.

First, you must install it:

  • Open a root terminal window (Applications -> System Tools -> Root Terminal in GNOME)

  • Type:

apt install synaptic

Configuring Repository

1. Open Synaptic (Applications -> System Tools -> Synaptic Package Manager in GNOME)
2. Click the Settings Menu, and choose Repositories.
3. Configure!

By default, Debian uses only main section for each repositories. If needed, you can add contrib and non-free section.

  • synaptic-repository-adding-section.png

Browsing, Installing, Removing

First - open Synaptic (Applications -> System Tools -> Synaptic Package Manager in GNOME)

Synaptic shows you all the packages available to you - and marks each one as installed or not installed. You can now navigate and find packages, marking packages you want to install (or remove) by clicking the tick box (or by clicking with the right mouse button on a package), and then click "Apply" to make changes.

Upgrading your distribution

Upgrading from one stable release to the next (e.g. Wheezy to Jessie) is done by following the release notes for your architecture. For most people with 32 bit systems that means the Release Notes for Intel x86. For most with 64 bit systems that means the Release Notes for AMD64.

For minor release upgrades or security upgrades:

  • Click on "Update"
  • Click on "Upgrade"

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