Hi, nodiscc. Where do people discuss the Debian Wiki itself? I don't see any place for discussion of policy or general editing help. On Wikipedia we have what's called the "Village Pump" but I have found no similar venue here. Also, regarding your recent edits, you re-added a link to Wikipedia for Synaptic in the first sentence in which it's used (the lead sentence). I had purposely de-bolded that (with explanation) a few edits prior but you put it back. This seems to go against DebianWiki/EditorGuide#Links_to_external_sites, which is the only document that covers this, and suggests external links should be put in an External Links section (the same as at Wikipedia). From my Wikipedia experience, external links for the first instance of the article title seems like a bad idea. External links drive traffic away. You don't want people coming here but then instantly exiting the wiki. You want them to read the articles first. (I also don't know how to sign and date using MoinMoin so bare with me as I learn this new wiki.) ?JasonQuinn Sep 5, 2019