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Describe Swap/Discussion here.

The article talks about Kernel 2.4 series but now we are in Kernel 2.6 series, so in this case, that information is largely out of date.

"As of the Linux 2.4 Keneral series, the Linux kernel can handle up to 32 separate swap partitions and or swap files at any given time. This is highly uncommon though, as hard drives are much slower than RAM. Most systems will have only swap partition, or one swap partition per instance of Linux. The most common time to setup swap is during the Debian installation process, but can be created or modified at any time." - This is as on 15th April 2011, Version 12 of the Wiki.

Can somebody post what can be done in Kernel 2.6 series, what improvements or/and regressions it has made in handling swap partitions or something.

Response on swap partitions: I wrote most this wiki page and the information on swap I pulled from the mkswap man page.

  • " Presently, Linux allows 32 swap areas (this was 8 before Linux 2.4.10).
    • The areas in use can be seen in the file /proc/swaps (since 2.1.25)."

Far as I know this information is current and correct, though my wording might need work. I haven't actually tested if I can use 32 swap partitions. I would also like to thank whoever made up all the nice formatting, the page looks really good.

  • Anthony Nordquist