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 * 21 yrs old  * 51 yrs old

Suraj Kumar:

  • 51 yrs old
  • Software developer by profession
  • Electrical Engineer by qualification
  • painter, sculptor, wannabe speaker builder
  • skilled GIMP user (check out this image)


  • writes PHP,PHP-Gtk,PHP-CLI,C,GNU Bash shell scripts. planning to pickup python.
  • planning to become a full time FSF-Edu volunteer and henceforth teach free software to children.
  • I pulled myself into this project because this helps me in my personal endeavour too. I hope I will get to learn how rough the road ahead is for Education of Free Softwares.
  • ... and Since I'm good in painting/graphics I thought I would make DebianEdu look good. :)

  • rides under the nick 'hairy_potter' on IRC
  • e-mailable at suraj. at. symonds. dot. net

more about me can be found at a href=http://www.symonds.net/~suraj/