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== General information ==
This wiki page will be the central point for information about the [[http://code.google.com/soc/|Google Summer of Code]] at Debian. Feel free to add missing sections to it.

Information about this years Summer of Code for Debian can be reached at

 * [[SummerOfCode/2009]]

Ideas can be added at anytime to the ideas page

 * [[SummerOfCode/Ideas]]

You can find information about the previous years on

 * [[SummerOfCode/2008]]
 * [[SummerOfCode/2007]]
 * [[SummerOfCode/2006]]

=== Introduction ===

The Google Summer of Code is a program where Google pays students stipends to work over the summer on free software projects such as Debian. Each student works with one or more mentors from the community to complete a software project.

The Google Summer of Code has started again this year. As we were selected as a mentoring organisation, 2009 will be the fourth participation of Debian in the program and we want to again improve on our participation to make the experience even more exciting and fulfilling this year for the students, the mentors and the whole Debian community.
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