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/!\ Debian was [[https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/?m=Y/ck8kNceM58y3Ij@debian.org|not selected]] for Google Summer of Code 2023

/!\ Debian was not selected for Google Summer of Code 2023

General information

This wiki page will be the central point for information about the Google Summer of Code 2023 at Debian.

Google Summer of Code is a program where Google pays students stipends to work over the summer on free software projects such as Debian. Each student works with one or more mentors from the community to complete a software project.

Debian is planning to apply as mentoring organization for 2023! We want to make the experience even more exciting and fulfilling this year for the students, the mentors and the whole Debian community this year, so please join us!

You can find information about the previous years on SummerOfCode2006, SummerOfCode2007, SummerOfCode2008, SummerOfCode2009, SummerOfCode2010, SummerOfCode2011 SummerOfCode2012, SummerOfCode2013, SummerOfCode2014, SummerOfCode2015, SummerOfCode2016, SummerOfCode2017, SummerOfCode2018, SummerOfCode2019, SummerOfCode2020, SummerOfCode2021. SummerOfCode2022.

Guidelines for GSoC Projects in Debian

Our mentors are required to provide prospective students with some small (i.e. that can be accomplished in at most a few hours) task related to the proposed project. This will help both the mentor and student decide if they are a suitable match for each other and the project. In the case that the Debian GSoC team has to rank projects, the results of this small task will also help give confidence in a project-mentor-student matchup.

The proposed project should also follow some rules:

  • All proposed projects must directly relate to Debian and fit into the pre-existing work of a Debian team
  • All projects must have at least one mentor with a formal affiliation to the Debian project ie a DD. We encourage to have at least one co-mentor who can be a debian contributor.
  • Mentors are only mentors for one project (That applies to mentors and co-mentors)

How to

mentor (or co-mentor) a project in Debian?

Come see us on IRC or on the mailing-list mentioned below.

A practical mentoring guide can be found here.

Submit your project proposals at: Projects.

Please note the changes

  • Smaller project now offering 175 and 350-hour projects—and the ability to extend the program from the standard 12 weeks to 22 weeks, we hope to spur the interest of more potential GSoC contributors.
  • size - all students participating in the 2023 program will be working on a 175 hour project (instead of a 350 hr project).
    • Shortened coding period - the coding period will be 10 weeks with a lot more flexibility for the mentor and student to decide together how they want to spread the work out over the summer.
    • 2 evaluations (instead of 3) - There will be an evaluation after 5 weeks and the final evaluation will take place after the 10th week.

participate as student?

The list of proposed projects is available at: Projects.

Be sure you are eligible; check https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/rules/ 6.1 "Students Eligibility" for some of the rules.

Familiarize yourself with the communication tools of Debian:

Join the communication channels of the teams or persons involved with the subject you would like to work on and discuss it. Don't be afraid to suggest seemingly unfeasible or vague ideas, we'll help you and give you suggestions. If you're lost (or even not!), drop in the communication channels of the Summer of Code team mentioned below. Remember that early preparation is a guarantee that your proposal will be better!

There is some interesting introductory documentation on this wiki about what Debian is and what Debian is for a developer.

How to communicate with us

Debian is a huge project, so we have created a welcoming atmosphere:

We use the following mailing list: http://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/ All students and mentors are welcome to subscribe.

  • Direct email contact: <outreach AT debian DOT org>

  • The Google's Summer of Code general IRC channel is #gsoc in Freenode.

GSoC Debian Administrators


IRC nick

Pranav Jain


Sruthi Chandran


Abhijith P A


GSoC Mentor Guide

GSoC Student Guide

GSoC Timeline


GSoC Roles and Responsibilities

See also

Other paid internships and mentor opportunities are available.