E-mail Server for FreedomBox

Description of the project:

FreedomBox is a pure Debian blend aiming to enable non-technical users to easy self-host a home server as a private online services cloud.

In order to replace third-party communication services that are data mining their users entire life, they will be able to host services themselves and use them at home or over the Internet through a browser or specialized apps.

E-mail is a basic and useful way of communication and providing an e-mail server in FreedomBox is a very old wish.

It is a more complex task than providing other services, so it deserves some proper project planning. You'll implement this plan, step by step, experiencing and learning the technical challenges and available free software solutions of/for in-the-wild communications, from different perspectives: reachability, authentication, security, transport, load, standards, etc.

You'll also learn and experience how to work together with others in an clean, organized manner, with state-of-the-art free software frameworks and tools, tests, code, reviews, continuous integration, and international UI and interaction.