Laniakea Software/Package Web Viewer

Description of the project: Laniakea is a suite of tools designed to make management of Debian derivatives easier. While originally developed for the Tanglu derivative, it is now primarily used in Purism's PureOS. Laniakea either provides its own tools (e.g. for building packages or synchronizing them) or wraps existing tools widely used in Debian under one web and CLI interface (e.g. dak, Britney, ...). Currently, Laniakea is undergoing a Python 3 rewrite. For this project, you would work primarily on the web application module that displays a software catalog, similarly to what packages.d.o provides, but with the added benefit of including application information alongside packages using AppStream data. The end result could look similar to Fedora's package overview mixed with the look and feel of Flathub, but for Debian packages.