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= Projects with confirmed mentors = '''Please not that those projects aren't approved yet. The list of approved projects is available at TBD'''

= Unapproved Projects with confirmed mentors =

The main page is at SummerOfCode2019.

To add a new project proposal, please enter a WikiName in one of the boxes below (the contents will be used as a wiki page name, please avoid spaces) and hit the button! Then, fill in the template, and drop us a line on the debian-outreach mailing-list.

Please not that those projects aren't approved yet. The list of approved projects is available at TBD

Unapproved Projects with confirmed mentors

Projects ideas without confirmed mentors

The following are project ideas which nobody has agreed to mentor - at this point it is unlikely that anybody will step forward to mentor them this year, and without a mentor they can't go ahead as projects, so we do not recommend submitting proposals for them.

Kotlin and friends in Debian

Description of the project: Kotlin is a JVM language inspired by Groovy and Python, aimed to complement and replace Java in many uses, and is gaining popularity mainly in Android development. Gradle Kotlin DSL is on the other hand competing with the more usual Gradle Groovy DSL, and we cannot package it for Debian until we have Kotlin in. The Kotlin compiler, unfortunately, is partly written in Kotlin (since an early 0.6 version), and depends on bits and pieces of IntelliJ IDEA, so bootstrapping it is non-trivial. We have packaged some of the dependencies already, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

  • Confirmed Mentor: TBA (_hc? andrewsh?)

  • How to contact the mentor: (mail, IRC, etc)

  • Confirmed co-mentors: TBA

  • Deliverables of the project: The deliverables of this project will mostly be finished packages submitted to Debian sid, both for new packages and updated packages.

  • Desirable skills: Building and packaging Java code, an understanding of git. Knowledge of various Java build systems would be very helpful.

  • What the intern will learn: Students will learn about building and packaging C and Java, and also about bootstrapping compilers.

  • Application tasks: TBD

  • Related projects: TBD