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## page was renamed from SummerOfCode2019/UnApprovedProjects/PackageLoomioForDebian
## page was renamed from SummerOfCode2019/Projects/UnApprovedProjects/PackageLoomioForDebian
## page was renamed from SummerOfCode2019/Projects/PackageLoomioForDebian

Package Loomio for Debian

Description: Loomio is decision-making software designed to assist groups with the collaborative decision-making process. It is a free software web application, where users can initiate discussions and put up proposals. More details on Loomio could be found at loomio.org . By packaging of Loomio in Debian we could enable easy installation of Loomio on Debian. It would foster collaborative decision making entirely using Free Software Loomio. The idea is to package all the dependencies of Loomio and get Loomio easily install able on Debian. Loomio is mostly written in Ruby but also includes some ?CoffeeScript and Javascript. The interns need not explicitly need to know Ruby/CoffeScript, but knowing it a bit would surely help.

  • Confirmed Mentor: Abhijith PA

  • How to contact the mentor: abhijith@debian.org, bhe on OFTC

  • Confirmed co-mentors: Raju Devidas (rajudev@disroot.org, libregeekingkid on OFTC)

  • Deliverables of the project:

    • The deliverables of this project would be getting Loomio and its dependencies into Debian.
    • In the process Interns will also need to update few of the existing Debian packages.
    • If we make some patches during Packaging process, we will try to get them merged upstream into Loomio's codebase.
  • Desirable skills:

    • Well versed with Git.
    • Familiarity with using Debian or any of its Derivatives.
  • What the intern will learn:

    • How software gets delivered to end users by Debian and other distributions.
    • Software packaging for Debian and in the process will gain an insight on how it is done for other distributions.
    • You will learn git very well as it is used at each step through the process.
    • The intern will improve their communication skills by interacting with the larger Debian community.
  • Application tasks:

  • Related projects: links to some existing projects that are related.