Debian Cloud Image Finder

Description of the project: The Debian Cloud team is moving forwarding and providing many images for different cloud providers and some variations. As the number of images grow we need to provide a way for users to easily find what they are looking for. This project aims to develop an image finder for Debian Cloud Team. We still do not have the cloud images published in a fixed place but we can work with the metadata file that each image will have in the near future. The idea is to develop a web application, where the backend should be written in Python + Flask and the frontend using Vue.js, Bootstrap and HTML. The GSoC intern will interact a lot with the Debian Cloud Team since we do not have strict requirements and they probably will be elicited and discussed during the project execution.

The idea that we have for a "Details page" is to provide access to the latest and older Debian images of that specific cloud provider, helping user in scenarios like these:

Keep in mind that you're free to propose whatever you want here!