CHIKIROU Massiwayne

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My background

I’m a french 3rd year bachelor student from University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée in IT and Mathematics field. This year I’ve gone for a student exchange to University of Sherbrooke (Canada) where I learned about GSoC. I have made many academic projects (from strategic video games in C to Huffman compressor in Python) but only two personal projects : “Mole Crusher” a little game to learn more about Unity and C# on Android ?PaiePro” a Java and SQL desktop app to manage pay and taxes to small Quebec businesses I’m applying on this project because working on those project made me love IT even more and working on open-source project seems as much fun.

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Project schedule

Until April 23

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Exams and other commitments

All of my exams are at the beginning of May and I don’t have other commitments.

Other summer plans


Why Debian ?

As a IT student, I mainly use Debian (for now 3 years) because of its flexibility. As It’s developed by other programmers around the world, Debian is a perfect first open-source experience choice to me. More I learn about IT’s field more I need to try things to understand new concepts and the open-source world is next on my list, so I would greatly prefer to start with a community that I started to follow on for their main product.