Student Application Template

To fill this in, copy the source text. Please don't rename the template.

This is a suggestion for the kind of information we'll find useful from students in their submissions. Remember -- you're going to be committing to several months' work. The more information and planning you can provide up-front, the more we (and Google!) will have to go on when we're ranking your application. Do not forget adding your submission at SummerOfCode2017/StudentApplications


Contact/Email/IRC nick

Where can we contact you? (IRC/IM details too, if available. We will also privately request your phone contact at some point.)


Something about yourself: technical skills, experience, etc. Who are you? What makes you the best person to work on this project?

Project title

Project synopsis

A short description (a few phrases) of your project.

Project details

A thorough description of your project.

Benefits to Debian

How will Debian benefit from your project?


Quantifiable results e.g. 'Port Debian to VAX', 'Write 3 articles for X website'.

Project schedule

What milestones do you intend to achieve your project? How long will the project take? When can you begin work?

Exams and other commitments

do you have university exams inside the SoC period? If so, that's most likely not a problem but please tell us early!

Other summer plans

are you getting married? Do you have a long vacation planned? Are you expecting to start a job? Be aware that if you are accepted for the summer, then Google will be paying you as though you were working for them. We (in Debian) will therefore expect you to be working 35-40 hours per week on your project. It is very unlikely that you will be able to combine a successful SoC with another summer job working for somebody else.

Why Debian?

Why are you choosing Debian? What attracts you about Debian?

My previous Debian contributions

Please give a list of your existing contributions to Debian, if applicable.

Are you applying for other projects in SoC?

Note that letting us know about this does not impact your chances of acceptance or rejection with us; we ask this because it helps us to resolve deduplications wherein a student is accepted for multiple projects.

After putting these basic details on your page, see these notes about student wiki pages for additional things that you can include to help your mentor(s) get to know you.