Implement New User Interface for FreedomBox

Description of the project: (For Outreachy) An ambitious goal of the FreedomBox project is to enable end users to manage their own servers at home by building a user interface that is as easy to use as installing and managing applications on a mobile phone. Although we have made significant progress in building a clear, simple and relatively easy to use interface there is much more left to be desired from such an interface. FreedomBox community believes that the user interface could learn from advances in user interfaces over the past few years and from other similar projects to make the interface more effective. Robert Martinez, the designer of the FreedomBox identity and the website has proposed a new card-based user interface. This project will involve implementing this design in Plinth which is the FreedomBox user interface written in Python and Django. Apart from work on HTML, CSS, Javascript and Django templates, it is expected that some backend views will need to implemented as part of the project.