LTSP Manager

Description of the project: Adapt sch-scripts into a new project "ltsp-manager", primarily through internationalization and localization as well as documentation.

Sch-scripts is a graphical tool that assists with management of a classroom computer lab, managing users and network booted computers with LTSP, and is used in more than 1000 schools in Greece along with the epoptes user monitoring software.

Traditionally, maintaining an LTSP environment requires comfort with a commandline interface, but sch-scripts provides a graphical tool that simplifies the installation, configuration and management of an LTSP classroom.

Epoptes allows the teacher to monitor or assist users in the computer lab, as well as send messages, boot and shut down computers.

Both LTSP and Epoptes are present in Debian, and internationalizing sch-scripts is an important step towards making the same interface used successfully in Greek schools available to all Debian and Ubuntu users.