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 * '''Project Mentor''': Gaurav Saini <gauravsaini03@gmail.com>
 * '''Mailing List''':
      •[[https://lists.fsfe.org/mailman/listinfo/free-rtc|Free RTC]]


      •[[https://lists.debian.org/debian-rtc/|Debian RTC]]

      •[[https://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/|Debian Outreach]]
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 * '''Location''':
      • Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh [https://www.google.co.in/maps/place/Raksha+Karmachari+Colony,+Jabalpur,+Madhya+Pradesh+482005/@23.2011352,79.982806,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3981aed82b86f49f:0x10fd76c70ca2ae1d!8m2!3d23.2040029!4d79.993397]
 * '''Laptop Details'''
      • Toshiba Satellite L655-S5096

      • Operating System : Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows 7

      • Screen Resolution : 1366 x 768

      • Webcam inbuilt

 * '''Mobile Details''' : Moto G3, Android Phone with version 6.0.1

Student Application Template

To fill this in, copy the source text. Please don't rename the template.

This is a suggestion for the kind of information we'll find useful from students in their submissions. Remember -- you're going to be committing to several months' work. The more information and planning you can provide up-front, the more we (and Google!) will have to go on when we're ranking your application. Do not forget adding your submission at SummerOfCode2016/StudentApplications

  • Name Udit Raikwar

  • Contact: IRC : #udit043 , email : udit043.ur@gmail.com

  • Project Mentor: Gaurav Saini <gauravsaini03@gmail.com>

  • Mailing List:

  • Background: I am 3rd year student pursuing Bachelor of Engineering from JEC , India. I have created some interesting innovative projects using OpenCV. I have a good knowledge about C , C++ and little bit of Python.

  • Location:

  • Laptop Details

    • • Toshiba Satellite L655-S5096 • Operating System : Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows 7 • Screen Resolution : 1366 x 768 • Webcam inbuilt
  • Mobile Details : Moto G3, Android Phone with version 6.0.1

  • Project title: Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software

  • Project details: I would like to work on the following issues https://project.freertc.org/issues/25 , https://project.freertc.org/issues/28 , https://project.freertc.org/issues/93 .

  • Project schedule:

    • 22nd April – 22nd May: Community Bonding Period – Communication with mentor, discuss ideas and approach to solve some bugs, understand the code to be worked upon and find out what more can be done.

      Week 1-4 (23may-21june) : Improve logging (log errno names instead of values)

      ->Write code to solve issue #25

      ->Defining various network errors

      ->Output all errors in the format "socket error EINVAL (Invalid Argument)" instead of "socket error 22"

      ->Testing and debugging


      Week 5-8 (22june-15july) : support for WebRTC client to make conference calls

      ->Write code to solve issue #28

      ->Testing and debugging


      Week 9-12 (16july-17aug) : Evolution: reply to emails with a SIP or XMPP call

      ->Write code to solve issue #93

      ->Testing and debugging


      18th Aug – 24th Aug : Week reserved for project documentation, improvement or medication to certain code if required.

  • Exams and other commitments: Yes, semester exams are in May.

  • Other summer plans: No, just coding.

  • Why Debian?: Debian comes with over 43000 different pieces of software and every bit of it is free. I had a moment of epiphany which led to a realization that I should be investing more of my time in learning the practical aspects of my education and Debian is the correct place to start. I would like to contribute and want to be a part of this big organisation.

  • My previous Debian contributions: No

  • Are you applying for other projects in SoC? : No