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      • '''18th Aug – 24th Aug''' : Week reserved for improvement or medication to certain code if required.       • '''18th Aug – 24th Aug''' : Week reserved for project documentation, improvement or medication to certain code if required.

Student Application Template

To fill this in, copy the source text. Please don't rename the template.

This is a suggestion for the kind of information we'll find useful from students in their submissions. Remember -- you're going to be committing to several months' work. The more information and planning you can provide up-front, the more we (and Google!) will have to go on when we're ranking your application. Do not forget adding your submission at SummerOfCode2016/StudentApplications

  • Name Udit Raikwar

  • Contact: IRC : #udit043 , email : udit043.ur@gmail.com

  • Background: I am 3rd year student pursuing Bachelor of Engineering from JEC , India. I have created some interesting innovative projects using OpenCV. I have a good knowledge about C , C++ and little bit of Python.

  • Project title: Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software

  • Project details: I would like to work on the following issues https://project.freertc.org/issues/25 , https://project.freertc.org/issues/28 , https://project.freertc.org/issues/93 .

  • Project schedule:

    • 22nd April – 22nd May: Community Bonding Period – Communication with mentor, discuss ideas and approach to solve some bugs, understand the code to be worked upon and find out what more can be done.

      23rd May – 21st Jun : Write code to solve issue #25

      22nd Jun – 15th Jul : Write code to solve issue #28

      16th Jul – 10th Aug : Write code to solve issue #93

      11th Aug – 17th Aug : Try to introduce any new innovative feature.

      18th Aug – 24th Aug : Week reserved for project documentation, improvement or medication to certain code if required.

  • Exams and other commitments: Yes, semester exams are in May.

  • Other summer plans: No, just coding.

  • Why Debian?: Debian comes with over 43000 different pieces of software and every bit of it is free. I had a moment of epiphany which led to a realization that I should be investing more of my time in learning the practical aspects of my education and Debian is the correct place to start. I would like to contribute and want to be a part of this big organisation.

  • My previous Debian contributions: No

  • Are you applying for other projects in SoC? : No