Existing MediaWiki extensions / plugins

No existing Media Wiki extensions support FreeRTC calling but similiar types include : Jabber and Call. This extension is based on JSCommunicator

Plugins used as inspiration

The DruCall module for Drupal and and the Example extension for MediaWiki were the my two main references

Including JSCommunicator

The JSCommunicator files had been included in the application since the commit Here but total inclusion of all files has been done here Here. Inclusion code :

$wgResourceModules['ext.Mwcall.Caller'] = array(
        'scripts' => array(
                'modules/Arbiter.js', 'modules/config.js', 'modules/event-demo.js', 'modules/init.js', 'modules/jquery.cookie.js', 'modules/', 'modules/jquery.js', 'modules/jquery-ui.js', 'modules/JSComm.js', 'modules/JSCommManager.js', 'modules/JSCommUI.js', 'modules/jssip.js', 'modules/jssip-helper.js', 'modules/parseuri.js', 'modules/webrtc-check.js' ),
        'styles' => array(
                'modules/font-awesome.min.css', 'modules/jquery-ui.css', 'modules/skin.css', 'modules/style.css', 'modules/style-debrtc.css', 'modules/style-event-demo.css','modules/style-horizontal.css'

Method of Execution

Work Left