Google Summer of Code Student Project Proposal - Debian

Name : Carolina Marchioro

Contact Information :

Background Information : I am a junior currently studying Computer Science at the University of Vermont through a one year full scholarship. My home university is the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have programming experience in multiple languages and platforms including, but not limited to, C, C++, Java and Python. I have worked on several projects using these languages and have also done some freelance website development work using CSS, HTML5 and ?JavaScript.

Project Title : Improving reproducibility and infrastructure of Debian and it's packages

Project Details : This project's goals will be to analyze and find fixes for unreproducible packages and improve general Debian infrastructure by implementing support tools in dak. During the extent of this project I will aim to examine Debian's packages and discover issues that are making these packages unreproducible, along with implementing fixes for both known and unknown bugs in these packages. I will also help in the improvement of Debian's infrastructure by implementing support for buildinfo files.

Benefits to Debian : This project will improve Debian's infrastucture and reproducibility, thus making the software more reliable and user friendly.

Deliverables :

1. Patch and fix many known issues with unreproducible packages

2. Documentation and analysis of causes of unreproducible packages

3. Implement support tools for many different buildinfo files

4. Document unknown issues for later fixes

5. Document updates and fixed packages and files

Project Schedule :

Week 1-2 :

1. Begin work on Debian packages by analyzing causes of unreproducibility

Week 3-4 :

1. Begin work on fixes for known issues in packages that are not reproducible

2. Begin working to implement support for buildinfo files

Week 5-8 :

1. Work on patches for individual Debian packages along with identifying and documenting new issues.

2. Continue working on support for buildinfo files

Week 9-10 :

1. Work on different issues according to team and community feedback

2. Work on other issues in the project such as debugging tools and implementing a database, according to need

Week 11-12 :

1. Polish up any final issues with the code, deal with unexpected issues that may arise during project development

2. Submit final work for evaluation

Exams and other Commitments : No other commitments during the summer besides working on the project above. Will be working from 20-40 hours a week on this project, depending on the weeks workload.

Other Summer Plans : no other summer plans

Why Debian? : I have recently began using Linux, and Debian was the OS that made me realize the benefits and flexibility I would gain from this switch. I want to contribute to Debian and be a part of the active and motivated community.

My Previous Debian Contributions : no previous contributions

Are you applying for other projects in SoC? : yes, MIT Ap Inventor