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= Student Application =
  • Name: Aaron Delaney

  • Contact:

  • Background:

    • I'm a dedicated self-taught programmer now studying Computational Problem Solving and Software Development in Dublin City University. I've quite a bit of web experience behind me, my Github lists a good bit of it. To summarize: lots of python experience, lots of web experience. Also one thing that's easy to miss on my github is the wand web-app spellchecker, which is in the 'cpssd/optionals/spellcheck' directory. Unlisted is a web-based RSS Reader, that uses Materalize.css with a node.js webserver and a bunch of backend tools mostly written in Python, that I'm currently working on as a Semester 2 project with a talanted group at DCU.
  • Project title: Make Debsources Mobile-friendly

  • Project details: Debsources is an important resource in the Debian ecosystem. It provides an entry point to all the debian source code with useful features and API. Unfortunatly it doesn't have support mobiles in any sense. This project will fix this issue.

  • Synopsis: First thing I'll implement is a mobile-compliant redesign of Debsources. I'll try to keep this light, I don't to have to import big libraries or anything. Then I'll implement a Single Page Application version of Debsources

  • Benefits to Debian

    • Debsources is a very useful resource to all Debian developers and this project makes it more accessable than ever.
  • Deliverables:

    • A redesigned Debsources webpage that renders well on mobile, with tests integrated into the Debsources test suite and good documentation
    • Research and figure out (with help from the mentors) whether to take Debsources to a native webapp or to implement a single page application
    • If a native phone application is decided on, implement a native applciation with features decided by midterm. Would feature a patch editor taking advantage of mobile APIs.
    • If a hybrid-SPA is decided on, implement a single page web application version of Debsources using client side rendering techniques like those seen in Angular.js or React
    • Regardless of which aspect of the project is decided on, the code should be well tested and maintainable.
  • Project schedule:

    • Before 23rd May: Have a good idea of where to take the project in regards to the SPA or native application.

    • Between 23rd May -> 14th June: Implement the mobile compliant version of the site, including tests and documentation

    • Before Mid Term Evaluation: Have a clear goal for either the application or single page application.

    • 27th June-> 8th August: Implement the native application or single page application.

  • Exams and other commitments: Nope, but I'll let you know early if anything comes up.

  • Other summer plans: Apart from chill out with my friends in my spare time, got nothing!

  • Why Debian?: I love open source and Debian has been a core part of my computing for years. It also seemed like a friendly community based on the wiki.

  • My previous Debian contributions: As required by this applciation I submitted a patch to #783461 to the qa-debsources mailing list. Apart from that I've not contributed to Debian.

  • Are you applying for other projects in SoC: Doesn't look like it at this point no :)