For your application to be considered by Debian and Google, you must:

  1. Register an account on this wiki and login.
  2. Submit and maintain your complete application on this Wiki. To create your application, enter your name in CamelCase and press the button below:

  3. Add a link to your proposal under the appropriate project listed below. Feel free to add another project (your own for example) if it is not in the list.
  4. Create an application on the program website. You are not required to submit your complete application on Melange again -- just add a link there to your application on this Wiki.

If you have any other information that you do not want to share on the Wiki because it will be public, please use your application on Melange for that.

You can find more tips about creating your page in the notes about student wiki pages

APT↔dpkg communication rework

David Kalnischkies

Pierre Fabris

Apt log

indeed - AptLog

Android SDK Tools in Debian

Kai-Chung Yan - GSoC Proposal

Mouaad Aallam

Chirayu Desai - GSoC Proposal

Kevin Mckee-GSoC Proposal

Sachin Kumar - GSOC Proposal

Continuous Integration for all biological applications inside Debian

Anna Lioznova

Jihyeok Seo

Canberk Koç

Create new recommendation strategy for AppRecommender

Luciano Prestesgsoc proposal

Cross Bootstrap


Keon Woo Kim

Debsources on mobile

Aaron Delaney

Vinay Chandra Dommeti

Shing Sheung Daniel Ip

Ham / Amateur Radio Transceiver

Integrate AppRecommender into a graphical package manager

Lucas Mouragsoc proposal

Reproducible builds for Debian and free software

Satyam Zode

Christopher Meng GSoC Proposal

Drew Noel

Carolina Marchioro GSoC Proposal

Specify security attributes for configuration file entries

Thomas Waser GSoC Proposal

Support for KLEE in Debile

Marko Dimjašević

Improve the Debian mips and mipsel ports

Arturo Borrero Gonzalez - GSoC proposal

Jonathan Jackson

Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software

Alok Anand

Mateus Bellomo

Simon Désaulniers

Keerthana Krishnan

Olivier Grégoire

Mesut Can Gurle - GSoC proposal

Pranav Jain

Balram P

Manan Pal

Jaminy Prabaharan

Udit Raikwar

Mayank Sharma

Nik Vaessen

Kirti Vaish

Shivani Wadhwa

Kevin Avignon

Nicolas Reynaud

Extending Ganglia Project

Joanna Konopko - GSoC Proposal

Developer Horizon and extensions

Harsh Daftary