Debsources on mobile

Description of the project: Debsources provides Web access to all of Debian source code. Debsources allows to browse, search, and render Debian source code, as well as compute code metrics and statistics that encompass all available source packages. This GSoC project aims at developing a mobile version of Debsources.

A few directions can be taken to reach that goal. The first step will be allowing people using a mobile browser to view Debsources and its content comfortably (without zooming in and out to navigate). That can be done using mobile-compliant libraries such as Bootstrap. Later, an SPA (single page application) can be developed, that is, client-side javascript responsible for fetching data from our API and feeding it to templates (with a framework such as AngularJS). Third, a Phonegap/Cordova application can be written, allowing users to install it and benefit from more features, such as an integrated edition of the source files to produce patches. Today, Debsources on mobile doesn't provide any user experience better than Debsources on desktop, and a lot is to be done, that is why this project can take a few directions. We are open to new ideas, as long as a consensus is reached between the co-mentors and maintainable code is developed.

We can accept two students in this project, provided that we define two precise sets of goals that don't overlap.

During the application period, we expect prospective students to get familiar with the Debsources codebase, and show their interest by sending patches, and discussing with us via IRC/email.