Personal Projects

  1. I am leading a team, that is trying to create a large scalable network that will connect all the Universities of Greece in order to share knowledge, get informed for their school and ask-reply their own questions through a hashtag driven approach.(2013-Now)
  2. During the first year of my studies, i developed APPanellinies an iOS Application that was used by candidates of greek exams (known as Panellinies). It provided an online library of past exams' topics and statistical information about the Universities and Technological Institutes(through the years) and more.(2013)

From my personal projects i have good knowledge of PHP/Hack, HTML, XHP, Javascript/Jquery, CSS, SQL, HHVM/Nginx Configurations, Bash , Security Issues, and more.

I think i am the best person to work, because i have all the prerequisite skills (academic and personal experience), i am willing to learn new technologies and i would like to contribute something important -as this project- on the open source community.

1. The tool will have a friendly UI, asking the user to install one of the supported web applications.

2. Recipes:

3. We should have config files externalized to /etc/<appname>/conf.d , otherwise every update of the web app will ruin our previous efforts. We can get this done by pushing patches on Debian Packages.

4. The code will be well-documented through every module we use and will be maintained even after the GSOC, as there are many more web applications that can be included in. The coding style should comply with the standards debian community uses.

1. Now - Community Bounding Period

2. Community Bonding

3. Week 1-4 :

4. Week 4-5.5 :

5. Week 5.5-7 :

6. Week 7-8.5 :

7. Week 8.5-End :